Defy The Odds

Success Despite Your Circumstances

It is time to start telling yourself you can instead of telling yourself it will never happen. You have the ability to defy the odds and create an amazing life for yourself!

The book talks about my early years growing up in Jamaica, how my struggles and setbacks did not stop me from being in the percent of people I consider successful. It demonstrated how the power of my imagination and positive mindset help me to create my reality.

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About the Author

Deann Patterson grew up in St. Catherine, Jamaica, and migrated to Florida to join her uncle and his family in Miami. She attended Florida International University, where she majored in hospitality management. She pursued her career in south Florida, working in several hotels and restaurants.

She currently is a business owner and entrepreneur.

Defy The Odds

Success Despite Your Circumstances

Chapter 1 “The End in Mind”

How do you picture yourself after you have accomplished your dream?

Chapter 2 “Everything is Nothing and Nothing is Everything”

Be limitless by utilising the power of your thoughts. Nothing has meaning until you create meaning. Ignore negative people, thoughts and things, and focus on the positive.

Chapter 3 “Planting the Seeds”

Planting seeds is simply laying the foundation for attaining your goals, through constant practice, research, reading, observation, etc, until the end result is obtained.

Chapter 4 “ Exaltation”

Pay attention to your small accomplishments as well as the huge ones. It’s crucial to celebrate as you strive toward success. Take a break to have fun, and reward yourself on your journey.

Chapter 5 “Fortitude”

One of the most entertaining and intense examples of the significance of FORTITUDE is in the novel The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway. The book talks about finding and utilising inner strength to overcome challenges.

Chapter 6 “The Perfect Day”

The perfect day when you feel triumphant at the end of the day, despite any unforeseen obstacles including acts of nature. It’s when you start your day off with the determination not to let anyone disturb your peace of mind.

Chapter 7 “Caring and Sharing”

It is the unwritten law … Caring and Sharing is the principle to live by. This is a practice to promote peace and tranquility in living, not only for your family and acquaintances but for our fellow humans. It is the ultimate fulfilment.

Chapter 8 “The Power of Positivity”

Developing a positive mental state of being is a must in order to reap the rewards of your work. What’s the point in stepping on thorns, drinking salt and being overwhelmed with disastrous news? Implement and adopt methods to let go of the past where it does not serve you.

Chapter 9 “Finding Success”

Success is measured by you. You can hardly be fulfilled when you compare your success to the standards of others. When you give your best, put in the work, and you love the results, this is success. Set your own platform for success.

Chapter 10 “Win by Narrowing It Down”

At a Tony Robbins event, I learnt that complexity is the enemy of execution. I am no longer paranoid when my computer malfunctions. I recite this phrase and take simple steps, and soon my computer is up and running. In the past I would call a technician often, up to four times per year. Nothing is complicated; just break it done and focus.

Defy The Odds

Success Despite Your Circumstances

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