The book talks about my early years growing up in Jamaica , how my struggles and set back did not stop me from being in the percent of people i consider successful. It demonstrated how the poerr of my imagination and positive mindset help me to create my reality.

You will learn to:

  • Never give up
  • Quite your mind by embracing solitude
  • Use quotations to motivate and uplift you.
“Deann Patterson is the manifestation of the American dream. Her journey as an immigrant is a shining example of perseverance and hard work. Deann is a self-made success story and her kindness and generosity has enabled countless others to achieve their dreams. Deann pours all of this into an amazing story and a truly enjoyable read. Her story keeps the reader engaged from cover to cover” - Dr Daniel Johnson

“In “Defy The Odds “Deann talks about her life in Jamaica as a child and how she developed her passion for life and golden heart of love for ambitious and caring people of all descents. Her super impossible dream is to campaign to start with Jamaica the first crime-free Nation. crime-free. This book is simple to read and has high thought-provoking and uplifting for the mind and spirit.”

“Congratulations Aunty Deann on the publishing of your debut book “Defy The Odds”. Such a captivating book title, which will certainly resonate with many lives in all walks of life. As a family we are privileged to watch you committed to your dreams and goals over the years. Now the time has come for you to share your gift with others. The world eagerly awaits your creativity and wisdom. Keep shining Aunty Deann!”

- Ven Spence

“I met Deann 20 years ago. She is always positive and only sees the glass half full. She spreads her positivity wherever she does. Her success is a direct correlation to her passion for life and helping others. She is no doubt a team player and the team is far better with her membership.”

- J. Zezza

Defy The Odds

Success Despite Your Circumstances

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